May 26, 2015


Many years ago, I photographed a Garrison sized flag on the side of a dry dock.  It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the American flag glowed in the sunshine.  I thought I could use the photograph on my blog for The Fourth of July and other holidays.  I saved it to my Photohost, and I used it often over the years.

Computers being computers, mine crashed and I lost the original on my hard drive.  A few years later, on a following memorial day, I took a picture of bundled flags at our national cemetery.  They caught my eye as they sat on a corner waiting to be picked up.  That shot was also lost in a computer crash.  I lost a lot of wonderful pictures over the years before I discovered the ease of owning a back-up hard drive.  By then I had grown accustomed to photographing every flag I saw.

Though I reconstructed that both those images as best I could from Snapfish, they had bio-degraded in their travels.  Today, knowing that all things change, I went up to Fort Rosecrans in hopes of finding bundled flags.  I found wads of flags, groups of flags, gatherings but not tied bundles.  I found no uniformed boy scouts but groups of impaired kids gathering the flags up.  Efficiently too.  They didn’t mind if I shot the flags, but not themselves.  So I did and brought them home to share with you.

  • Himself:  Wanted a lazy, do nothing day.  So he cleaned out his closet, and he played games on his computer.  He cooked his first stead on his new BBQ too.
  • Herself:  Kind of wanted to do a local road trip, but, you know, I enjoyed the quiet too.  Today the pool, shot some flags, wrote this, and still considering going back to school.  Making a giant antipasto for the evening shop meeting.
  • Reading:  Still old Cadell’s.  Had to replace one 1968 volume as it fell apart in my hands. 
  • Balance:  Lite reading.


    1. My goodness the red stripes jump out at you when they are all bundled up like that.
      I think that decision will be easier when the course curriculums come out - good luck If you do decide to return to study. What is it that you fancy doing?

    2. The kids picking up the flags most likely resented being there and looked at it as punnishment.

    3. Lovely flags for Memorial Day.

    4. Love those flags. Arlington is covered with them after memorial Day. Same again on 4 July. Beautiful. Lite reading? What's that?

    5. I always enjoy seeing your photographs. Your eye for colors and creative placement of ordinary things is amazing. These are a great example as to why I keep coming back. I will also have to check out Cadell. I found Dana Stabenow from your recommendation. Thanks for that, too!

    6. These photos are artistically beautiful, Mage. The colors jump out at you... and the feelings they carry.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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