May 7, 2015


Left field seating.

I’ve been good.  The first day I went back to the pool, I lived.  The second day I went to the pool and the hot tub to stretch in my normal manner.  Yesterday I was in overuse agony yet able to laugh at myself ruefully through the Tylenol.  Today, only mid-morning do I need Tylenol.  How did I know that two plus weeks in bed with a cold would leave me so fragile. 

The trick to surviving this, says the old OR nurse I work with on Wednesday, is to keep moving. 

I moved books and myself around yesterday.  Today I gently moved me around in the pool and the hot tub.  The goal is to be fluently moving myself around by next Saturday evening…..not tomorrow.  The Captain hasn’t been to Petco Park yet, and we will all be going to a game together.  Plus there's a giveaway...a hoodie.  

We usually sit in his bosses seats by first base on Field Level.  This time, these far away, left field seats were about the only ones left.  We can do this.  George and Captain Poolie can prowl to their heart’s content, and I can people watch.


  • Himself:  Work, enjoying his wrecks, shopping, eating right, and taking all his vitamins.
  • Herself:  Laughing ruefully at myself.  Got all the green tagged books pulled yesterday, got everything posted on Facebook too.  There’s a lot of the Jewelry left from the EPIC sale.  It’s all one woman’s storehouse of bling.  I wonder where she put it all.  Today a museum opening….yes, I will take a camera.
  • Reading:  The third Castillo.  A well written series.
  • Balance:  Keeping Moving.


    1. Yes keep moving. The garden is my salvation. David's too.

    2. It's hard to enjoy a game when you are way for off and too high. Keep moving and you are doing great!

    3. Moving is about it all, is it not? Walk, saunter, jog...just keep moving. You have the attitude. Glad your dear one is in a good place. Ihave been more religious about taking calcium and Vitamin D and that has actually helped with the belly a little!

    4. that is just about where we will be sitting next Saturday

    5. Good for you for moving again. I was away from Zumba for several days because of my cold and it was really hard to get back into the groove. I feel like I so easily lose my energy rhythm.

    6. Good luck with the body.

      Once at Tiger Stadium, we had very poor, unsighted seats. but we made the best of it.


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