May 23, 2015

Ruthless Me

I didn’t go visit Dale today.  I didn’t visit G’s father or my Father either.  What I did was clean out my closet.  Ruthlessly.  It didn’t matter how much I paid for something, what it was, or who gave it to me, if I hadn’t used it, out it went.  If it didn’t fit me, I got rid of it.  I did put everything in a giant bag to donate, and I was quite surprised at the weight of it all.  You would have laughed at me.

Beige top?  Beige alone should be a key for dismissal.  When did I get it.  To go with what?  I can’t button the turquoise shirt?  Oh dear, and out it goes.  Pants.  Even my favorite Ralphies that I paid real money for?  They can no longer be buttoned.  I’ve gained so much weight this year that I now have a pop-over top despite all my efforts in the pool. 

I wimped out when it came to the last box on the floor of my closet.  It’s got the bedroom curtain, chair, and lamp fabrics in it.  I had tried on every shirt and every pair of pants, and perhaps I had worn out my git-up-and-go.  Perhaps I will go visit John, Ruby, and Dale tomorrow afternoon.

Point Loma facing north from the lighthouse to Ft. Rosecrans Cemetery.

  • Himself:  Going to see, “Tomorrowland.”
  • Herself:  Slept eight hours.  Shopping for a new and baggy sweatshirt, black.  Thinking about going back to writing class.
  • Reading:  Old dated, Cadell’s and enjoying them no end.

  • Balance:  Reading

    1. I need to do some ruthless culling of my closet too. I just have the worst time setting my mind to doing it. Congratulations on getting yours done!

    2. I tell David that we must think of the person who will love the new shirt. Recycle, recycle, recycle.

    3. "Ruthless" is the ONLY way to be when cleaning out a closet. Good for you -- as it takes resolve.

    4. Came back to look at your beautiful photos!

    5. I did "the cull" a while ago and got rid of a lot of clothes.My husband sold a stove,a chopper shredder and a lawnmower by offering them for a few dollars on Craig's list. People are moving in here and can't afford new stuff right away.

    6. Good job, you've inspired me. No beige ha!


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