May 19, 2015

Solving the Note Problem

I’ve been thinking about the years since 1985.  They’ve been mostly good years.  I’ve become a new person during these many years, and I am very grateful. 

Some creative things aren’t in my life any more.  My artistic drive seems flat.  I don’t draw.  I don’t paint.  I feel guilty.  I miss those things.  Other things are new.  I can take photographs, and sometimes I create something eye catching and worth keeping.  Since most of my creativity is on the computer…sometimes I lose it all too.  Computer crashes can be heart breaking.

Now days, I try to back up my work, back it up again, and back it up online.  Some of my photography means as much to me as did my paintings.  One of my goals in the coming months is to post better art photos here and fewer shots recording life around me.  Maybe I will do another book of my black and white shots: Photos from a Thrift Shop.

Who knows what’s coming up this year.

  • Himself:  Work, work, and NCIS night.
  • Herself:  Gym, meet with new friend, blog, call Bobbie, fix the blogger note problem which I did with this message on all my friends pages:
  • Because of the difficulty Wordpress folks have now leaving notes on Blogger, I have reactivated my Wordpress account.  You can harrass me there all you want.  :)

  • Reading:  The Knitting Circle.  Beautifully written but ineffably sad.
  • Noting:  Please try leaving a note as "anonymous." That should make leaving a note easier.
  • Balance:  Having the back pain gone is a wonderful gift.


    1. I just wrote this comment on my blog:
      I have a back-up Wordpress blog where I post duplicates of my Blogspot blog. Almost NOBODY visits the Wordpress blog. That is why I really can't give up my Blogspot blog. I also like the format better on Blogspot. Maybe it's just that I haven't experimented with Wordpress enough, but I don't think it gives me enough options to be more creative there, formatting wise.

      You should try telling your Wordpress bloggers to write their comments using the Anonymous option which is what I'll do now just for fun.
      Kay (Musings)

    2. I just did the Anonymous and the only extra thing I had to do was to click in the box that says "I'm not a robot." It's no problem at all.
      Kay again

    3. I am not having issues for some reason. Hmmmmm.......

    4. I'm going to use Kay's tip and try the anonymous.

      Photography is a great way to express your creativity. Have you considered an Instagram account? I take lots more pictures now and post almost all of them there.

      Delaine Zody

    5. Ok, that seemed to work fairly smoothly, except I did have to type some numbers after checking the I'm not a robot box. Now I'll try one with my WordPress identity.

    6. That was easier. Didn't have anything else to do but check thee box.

    7. I love the fact that all of you care enough to struggle. I shall still keep the Wordpress account all my anonymous friends. :)

    8. Visited your w/press blog but decided to have another go here Mage. Will try name/url ans see how that goes. Still love those baskets

    9. Trying out open id - fingers crossed

    10. Sushi and Pizza - wonder whats next??

    11. Wow, you already have a great idea. The Cancer Society could sell copies of this album next year!

      I'm off to the doc with a broken toe...can you believe it? Grrr.

    12. Have you ever tried ceramics?


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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