May 4, 2015

Wardrobe Changes

May Panorama of the ball park.

After a lazy morning in bed with CBS, we grabbed lunch and headed for the ballpark.  From the freeway, we could see a Carnival ship in town unable to tie up in either LA or Catalina due to the high swells and surf.  When we got downtown, our favorite parking lot was almost full.   The ball park was beautiful, and they now offered M&M’s.  What more could one ask. 

It was a great game.  Yes, I took my book, yet several times I found myself holding my breath hoping we would score.  We have a new closer, and tho he does look like the Crane in Karate Kid, he’s pretty darn good.  We won. 

For almost three weeks, I’d not been doing my crunches.   I want to confess that I could barely walk around the park to our seats, ditto getting back to the car.  Yes, I did a half hour of them in various forms at the pool this morning.  Back to fitness!

I’d not have made it yesterday if I had not laid out my wardrobe the night before.  One hook held two T-shirts, levis, Padres coat, compression stockings, and Padres hat.  Blue and white all the way on a military appreciation day when the team wore camo.  The other hook held the evening’s wardrobe: a Nordies white, scoop neck shirt, black pants, a two kind of fake leather-black jacket, Rose and purple jacquard scarf, garnet necklaces, rings, bracelets, and goo-gaws. 

I’d of never made it through the day if I didn’t work at a thrift store.


  1. My son and his family love the Padres. A nice team.

  2. I am not a baseball fan, but do love your version. So glad you had such a nice time! And, at our age, all it takes is a few days and we go back to our sloppy selves. Nothing stays.

  3. Baseball is fun to watch, but would rather see it on TV. The stadiums are so high up that you can hardly see the game. Glad you had fun.

  4. Who is this CBS guy you were in bed with? ANyway, congratulations on that. ;)

    Been a long since I went to a ballpark. It's a good experience. Used to go to some games in Detroit. Have been to Montreal and Toronto once. Also saw the Tigers AA club in London a few times.

  5. The last time I went to a baseball game was sometime in the 1940's with my father. It was a night game. The home team was the Oakland Oaks, and I forget what the other team was.

  6. I'm afraid I'm not a big baseball fan, but I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    I'm just loving your header rose!

  7. To think I have lived this long and never been to a baseball game.
    My Dad took me to football when I was a gel but he forgot to tell med they changed enda at half time an I was shouting for the wrong side. Hey Ho!

  8. I have yet to see Petco Park. Hint hint hint.


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