June 11, 2015

Busy, Busy!

Sometimes all you can do is laugh at yourself.  About everything.  A quiz on Facebook showed me that we had a very low IQ.  G helped me with the numbers.  A friend posted something about, “If you were really busy, you should meditate one minute.  If you were very, very busy, you should meditate two minutes.” 

I found myself at an estate sale this morning in rooms filled with art books priced beyond my budget.  With two carefully chosen books clasped to my breast, I came out to find the checkout line wrapped around the driveway.  Most of the folks were dealers.  Many had seven or eight boxes of books.  The line wasn’t moving. 

I looked down….just by chance, and there was a little stool.  Modern.  Folding, for four dollars.  It was black metal with a padded top.  Four dollars.  I grabbed it, joined the line, and sat down very comfortably for the next hour or so…waiting.  Meditating on the state of the house, the state of my mind, how busy it would be tomorrow, then silencing my always over thinking brain.  Not busy at all at last.

  • Himself:  Gym, work, meeting.
  • Herself:  Bought large format hardbound in very good condition: 1. American Realism.  Large format paperback:  2. 1900 the turning point in modern art.  Just the stuff I’m interested in.  No architecture books tho.
  • Weekend:  Today Facebook stuff, dinner and foods for the weekend.  Then: Saturday volunteering at the fair.  Sunday: Early business meeting.
  • Balance:  Not being busy.


    1. Aha! You have found the Zen. Your eyes and mid were in the right place and I a so happy for you. I can almost be there just over your shoulder wondering why I picked so many books that were so heavy!

    2. Sorry about these typos. I am still adjusting to my new tiny laptop!

    3. You found a port in the storm so to speak.

    4. I love the $4 stool. That's great! And just in time too!

    5. Glad you found the time to meditate.

    6. This is great. I admire your initiative.


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