June 2, 2015

Cough till I Laugh

Tired of the blue living room, I was determined to change it over to red.  Cushion covers, rugs, art, that sort of stuff.  Could I find the pillow covers.  Nowhere in the house were they to be seen.  Nowhere.  George had pulled down the extra pillows, thank you George, and I thought the covers might be up there in the above closet storage too. 

I had enough sense to not try and stop the two plastic bins as they fell down past me.  Normally I would have stuck a hand out.  There they were, two cadmium red light and two vermilion velvet cases.  I chose the lighter colors, then I went down to look at the big Bokhara in the garage.  I chose a smaller Bokhara, and it suddenly struck me that moths like wool.  All my old rugs are wool.

After dinner, we drove to the hardware store and bought moth ball sachets.  After putting down the small rug, we poked about 4 sachets in the big rug and two in the smaller one. 

The smell was bad enough yesterday that the laundry had to be done with the garage door opened.  Today when I went down to head to the pool, the garage was filled with the odor of moth repellent.  Socked in, really strong, endlessly powerful, to the brim with this truly awful smell.  When I got home I brought all my swim things upstairs. 

Maybe one moth sachet would have been enough.

  • Himself:  Gym.  Calling on Subrogation settlements too.  Playing episode 4 of NCIS tonight just as we went through West Wing during last summer’s hiatus.
  • Herself:  Breathe, read, do it all again.  Coughing only around moth balls today.
  • Reading:  Cadell.
  • Balance:  Taking it slowly.

    1. You probably killed every moth in San Diego. Their larvae eat the wool.

    2. Please be careful with this stuff. It is carcinogenic big time!

    3. yep, there isn't a moth in a 1 mile radius.

    4. Too bad about the mothballs. But you sure have a flair for home decor!

    5. We have a severe moth (larvae) problem here. Terry has had his beautiful cashmere sweaters eaten and I have moth holes in a coat I really love. We keep moth disks in all the drawers and closets where our clothes are stored. They have to be replaced on a regular basis. The ones I buy don't have a strong odor but they keep those pesky critters away from the clothes.

    6. Maybe I should watch the popular NCIS someday. I think we watched one or two episodes once upon a time and weren't enthralled, but who knows. We recently did the West wing, which we missed at the time, and really liked it.

    7. Ummmm... Aren't mothballs supposed to be bad? I forget why. Well, I guess the smell is bad enough.
      I love how you're able to change the color scheme every so often. It keeps life interesting.


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