June 27, 2015

Errand Saturday

Mission San Juan Capistrano half destroyed arch with bougainvillea.

I like Errand Saturdays.  I need two handles for things in the kitchen.  I need to get new photography for Great Curves store and the other shop by Liberty station for their Facebook pages.  A second weekend of that huge sale on the side of the point is ongoing too.  Still lots of books but now the second story and the basement are open to the public.  It’s like going to Disneyland or climbing the Matterhorn.  An adventure that leaves us smiling.

Humidity and sprinkles pour up from Mexico.  We are used to fogs, but not real rain like what I see on television.  Speaking of television, Time has an article on the millennials spending habits.  44% under 35 don’t have TV.  Only 32% have their savings in Stocks.  They don’t buy homes, don’t drink mass market beer, and most importantly don’t buy cars.  That jars me.  I cannot imagine the freedom to go where I want when I want.  For years I have taken the bus or trolley knowing I would have a two hour ride ahead of me. 

Do you have good public transportation?  How do you feel about this?

  • Himself:  Installing his new work computer.  It’s been a two day struggle.  Looking forward to some shopping then the museum.
  • Herself:  Grumpy sparkles.  Have a new Friday helper and wore myself out training her.  Read then BBQ.
  • Reading:  Finished the “Other” trilogy by Bishop.  Well done stuff.
  • Gratitudes:  Bishop for days of entertainment, George for last nights BBQ which was really good….as were his brownies.   Grateful for the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday.


    1. No, we don't have very good transportation. That's why our traffic is so bad in Hawaii. They are now building a rail system, but the cost is astronomical and won't be very extensive. We have a long way to go.

    2. We live too far out to have public transportation. That's why I loved living in san Francisco. Our apartment was just steps away from BART, Muni, and CalTRain. No such animals here in Fresno. Just an old FAX bus system.

      Our kids don't have a tv. They get any program they want on their computer. Terry and I didn't have a tv in San Francisco; we used his very large screen laptop and a small antenna that he now uses here in Fresno so as to record tv programs on his computer for us to watch later.

    3. freedom of mobility is a good thing

    4. After I leave a comment I'm checking out that like, although I can imagine what they won't shell out for from observing my millenial granddaughters.

    5. Bus at the end of our short street connects with train city five minutes down the road -also buses to other suburbs. Just don't use them in the peak hour rush. Free for oldies at the weekend so thats when we visit the city - its an hours drive from here; stopping all stations means its not much of a shorter journey the other way lol

    6. We have Metro bus & train routes to other cities west to L.A. Must rely on shank's horses, people powered wheels, motorized vehicles other than public transit for local & immediately surrounding communities. Sr/handicapped transport avail -- also cab cos. probably including Uber.

      Since living here for many decades we've had only Antenna TV by choice, but live in prime signal reception area so receive all L.A. area commercial, independent, PBS stations.

    7. When I lived in an apartment in the city while waiting for this house to be built I rarely drove a car. I loved that I could walk to the downtown and the metro! I would give up TV, except husband is addicted to the news and not sure how I can get that on the PC and then cast to the TV set!

    8. If you live in the right urban area, you can get a long fine without a car. My daughter lives in an area like that, but there are ways to rent or share cars when needed.

    9. OTOH, we live in a town outside a city and would be severely restricted without a vehicle.

    10. Transportation in this city is a joke. For me, driving to work is about 15 minutes. Taking public transportation is about 2 hours.

    11. Our public transportation is minimal, so everyone has to have a car. Luckily, we live close to town and don't have to drive much.
      I think the reason people under 35 are living in the provisional way they do is that they can't count on job stability.

    12. We do have reasonable transport - free for oldies. Locally I usually walk - which is fine as long as I can but a problem when I can't.


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