June 23, 2015

Fruited Friends

More fruits…..

I love my friends.  Captain Poolie not only told me she wanted the lemon pitcher, but she cropped a Facebook photo of mine and said, “That one..” 

Bobbie came down with a carload of stuff….some from her place and some from his.   We dropped it off at the store, and she bought the orange pitcher.  I continue to work in a store that offers alluring pitchers to all my friends and I haven’t bought one yet.

We still have pears, oranges, lemons, and pineapples left, but somehow none of them draw me their way.

A pineapple pitcher with two of its six cups.

  • Himself:  Little fish caught.  I fell asleep over my computer.  She slept in the back of the car all the way home.  He came home and took a 2 ½ hour nap.  Today setting up new work computer.
  • Herself:  Our friend Michele is back from many months with her mom and Florida dad.  Taco dinner with her tonight at Brigantine.  Taco breakfast with Bobbie.  I ate one of Bobbies because she thought they were too hot.  It was the side hot sauce.
  • Reading:  Anne Bishop’s alternative world.  Well written good charactarization.  Too long.
  • Gratitudes:  Being able to sit in my living room and relax.  I loved it.


    1. some of those fruit pitchers are really really ugly

    2. I tend to agree with George (above). To each their own, I guess.

    3. I haven't had a taco since I saw you. I'm deprived!

    4. I just love the shape and fun of these pieces. I would be tempted to buy if it weren't for the fact that I need to thin out what we have.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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