June 19, 2015

Fruits and Nutz

I used to collect old fashioned three pronged forks.  My grandmother’s fork disappeared in the early seventies.  If I saw one after that, I bought it.  I was very obsessive about this.

We had a third or fourth visit to the store by a lady yesterday who collects fruit.  She told me that she could no longer take care of her too hundreds of trays, bowls, pitchers, and assorted loose fruits.  She had no one to leave her collections to.  She’s giving them to us.

The first load was lemons.  The second was oranges, and the third was pears.  This latest bit of her collections has filled the store with a variety of all of those fruits  plus pineapples.  I spent an hour photographing them yesterday morning.  After lunch, I Photoshopped them and got them up on Facebook as an album.  I’m still marveling over the quantity and quality.

  • Himself:  We saw “Spy” last night.  It was flat out fun.
  • Herself:  I over react to slapstick.  Boy did I over react last night.
  • Reading:  Jance.
  • Balance:  Today, work.

    1. I just love the stuff in that store!

    2. As you may have guessed I am recuperating from a hot day walking in the marsh and then onto dinner in a torrential downpour. I saw you photos and it reminded me that I had a set of yellow and green cabbage plates and bowls that I had purchased from the expensive Horowitz(?) catalog and I have no idea where they went. Shows you have value changes as we age.

    3. It's odd what people get into.

    4. Lovely lady. It feels so good to unburden oneself. Humour is the best medicine. So is giving away an obsession with ceramic fruit.

    5. I used to have a collection of fruit cups and saucers that we found in a house we bought when the kids were toddlers. The former owner said they weren't theirs. They were marked "Made in Occupied Japan." Later when we moved to a smaller house I gave them to a friend who really had a collection.

      Been traveling to family celebrations. Really wears me out these days. Celebration for first grand-kid out of high school and going off to college. Eek!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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