June 25, 2015

Good Days All Around

Twin quilt, hand stitched, not made in China.  One of a pair sold over the weekend.

My days are pretty good with a few caveats.  Still dozing off at inappropriate times…after work, after lunch, and even once after breakfast.  Last night I got a full eight hours sleep and we will see if that works.  My kidneys and liver are fine because I’m not taking Aleve or Tylanol….tho I’d love to.  The Doc forewarned me, and friends are having trouble.  No more hot sauce at that restaurant either…drama indeed.  Yes, you can laugh.

Fewer notes every day.  I took it personally the first few days until I figured out that everyone was either traveling or on vacation.

In fact, my days are pretty good all around.  Come to think of it.

  • Himself:  Working his own que today…he loves subrogation.  Getting ready for the Friday Meeting BBQ.  Prices for a 40 person BBQ are up about ten bucks from last year.
  • Herself:  Between the hot sauce interludes, I’m reading the last of the 3 Anne Bishop books.  Can’t put them down and will miss the characters when the books are finished.
  • Gratitudes:  The intense green of the leaves when the sun is on them.  The blue of the skies.  The colors of Summer.

    1. You are in a very special place in your life. Health issues or not! Make sure that any medications you are taking are not making you sleepy!

    2. good thing the hot sauce ordeal worked it's way out in the end.

    3. It good to hear some things are falling into place - with much of our health issues it all ends up being trial and error and then fix in the end.
      Love the look of that quilt - was it a handmade one or 'shop bought'?
      Take care

    4. Lovely quilt. I nod off intermittently during the day but I'm OK with it. For me its another piece of the recovery process from last winter's health issues. I sleep well now so that's positive. Cut my antihistamines in half though turns out in some of us older folks even the no-doze stuff can make us sleepy. Seems to be working for me, gotta watch those meds.

    5. Came back for another look at the quilt and see you actually wrote 'handmade' - so ignore my question. Really must concentrate more lol

    6. My kids are out your way, staying on the beach somewhere. Connie says its a real hippie place so Billy should fit in with his staggly beard.

      Love the detail in this coverlet.

    7. What a lovely quilt! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    8. That's a gorgeous quilt. I've been awfully busy myself. We've had some projects we've been working on and it seems like one thing after another gets in the way of my visiting.

    9. That is a beautiful quilt. Makes me wish I had a twin bed.

      Also makes me wish our Salvation ARmy store had more beautiful things like this. I did buy my granddaughter a few "sparkly" outfits when I stopped there this past week. Also got her sparkly bracelets which will make her happy. I did find two matching pillows for my patio chairs so I guess I can't complain too much. Oh, it all cost me $10.


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