June 24, 2015

People Friends

G and Chelle.

I’ve known Bobbie since 1966.  We had a lovely morning in her company…I forgot to take a picture.  And I had my camera with me.  Shame on me.  We unloaded her SUV, and it was an amazing amount of stuff she managed to get in that Toyota.  The sorting ladies at the store didn’t seem at all happy to see us and our multiple bags and boxes of donations.  From there, we went off to the tiny new Post Office tucked near the giant old Post Office.  It’s a nice little place with four very friendly employees. 

Lunch was at a whole foods type of place.  Tacos of some sort for Bobbie and me with hot sauce that proved way too hot.  Then, after an afternoon read, dinner of tacos again this time at the Brigantine, with our neighbor Chelle who is just returned from helping her very ill parents in Florida.  She traveled home with three cats through the recent awful storms.  She wanted to treat us for taking care of her house and car while she was gone those seven months.  I thought we should be welcoming her home instead.

Friends add a wonderful depth to life.  Without them, where would we be.

  • Himself:  Got his new Windows 8.1 computer and it wouldn’t boot up.  Had a good day.  Ate well.
  • Herself:  Loved seeing friends but the hot sauce caused a very adverse reaction.
  • Reading:  Volume two in Anne Bishop’s alternate world.
  • Gratitudes:  Friends, what more can I say.


    1. We certainly had a taco Tuesday

    2. Good friends attract good friends, methinks!

    3. You are a wonderful friend, Mage!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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