June 15, 2015

Smiling Days

Succulents and cacti shown as part of a low water display.

Today is the last day of School in the San Diego School district.  Parking is at a premium at the gym as we are next door to the Middle School….I still think of it as a Junior High.  Pool patrons can’t park.  Parents and grandparents are arriving baring leis and flowers for the 8th grade graduation as we, who got parking, leave the pool.  I remember not knowing to do that as many of our grandchildren graduated.  We have learned tho.

No sun here at the beach today.  G and I slathered on Sunscreen Saturday for our day’s trip to the fair, and the sun did come out late in the day.  We had wonderful fun.  Sunday back to the estate sale where I did pick up a few more art and architecture books at discount.  Two weeks from now there will be another sale with things from the second floor and the basement.  Amazing….this lady made me and friend Katy look like Pikers in the book department for sure.

We drove inland…where there was glorious sun, and G found a pair of worn Desert Storm boots to go with his costume for Comic Con.  Last year’s boots were killing him.  Another estate Sale….the lady was stuck with 1966 décor.  marimekko fabrics everywhere.  I too had some of that once when I had no real art.  She put them everywhere even on the front of her fridge.   

Lastly home to dinner then dress nicely for a meeting before the meeting.  Of all things, I wasn’t a good fit as the bell ringer= ringing to let all 300 know that it was meeting time.  Time = numbers, and only at the end of the six months did I manage to remember what time I was to ring my bell. 

Dressing.  To the big gala at the store, I had worn black head to toe and gold jewelry.   People kept telling me how nice I looked….over and over again.  As someone said, it made you wonder what you looked like before.  Made me laugh too.

  • Himself:  Tried the new equipment at the gym, home, work, meals, meeting.  New stuff is really pretty good.
  • Herself:  Pool, bad shoulder, stretch, write, you know how it goes.  Reading when I can.
  • Reading:  JA Jance #1.
  • Balance:  Feeling pretty darned good.


    1. Now that is no way to take a compliment, to be skeptical about the reasoning. Just bask in the glory!

    2. Too bad we do not live next door. I like much of what you do and would be happy to go along for some of these things. What did you look like before? LIke everyone over 60, unnoticeable. They would not say it if they did not mean it!

    3. Reminding me how much I want to go swimming. Well, maybe tomorrow.

    4. Sounds like you got 28 hours packed into that day!

    5. School is out in Chicago an Hawaii right now. We can see the traffic change. That center piece reminded me of a sea urchin minus the spikes.

      I wish you could have posted a photo of how wonderful you looked. :-)


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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