June 18, 2015

Table Settings: Of all things

SD County Fair: First Place winner.  Modern dishes and south seas color everywhere.

SD County Fair: Honorable mention using antique, 1920s, pressed glass.

I love dishes.  I suppose I was a normal person with dishes until my stepfather gave me his mother’s very colorful, flowered breakfast dishes.  This Blue Ridge/Southern Potteries, “Waltz time” set we called the dot-and-dash dishes for that’s what decorated their borders.  We built up sets of these things in a variety of patterns, and friends gave us more.  We had a heck of a collection.  Then we discovered Iroquois by Russell Wright. 

When we moved out of the big house, we gave away or sold all but two Blue Ridge Southern Potteries patterns.  We kept the Iroquois and it too grew.  One color only tho.  A nice, rich  cinnamon.  Pretty soon a set of Iroquois appeared in white.  I can hear you laughing at these confessions.  I am.

For years, I who collect old dishes and old fabrics, thought that perhaps I could put together an table setting entry for the Fair that would win a prize.  I’d get a heck of a kick out of it all no matter what.

  • Himself:  Gym, work, breakfast, lunch, dinner….you know, food’s important he says.
  • Herself:  Pool, write, clean bookshelves, photograph the fruit stuff that came into the shop yesterday, eat.  LOL
  • Reading:  Jance.  Bought 2 used online yesterday.  Got the Cadell I haven’t read from a Cadell library online.  I’m wallowing in good reading.
  • Balance:  Enjoying my days.


    1. I too am a dish maven, although not of your caliber. Love pottery period. Was working in the China department at a local store when I was called by a Republican congressman who wanted me to work for him. Lol, how I got into politics big time. And to think I could have been head of the China department.

    2. You sound like a friend of mine who has a set of dishes for every possible occasion. She really enjoys them. I think you should enter the county fair. We have a tea at our church each Fall, and ladies decorate tables with fine china.

    3. Where else but the County Fair? A quaint contest and tradition.

    4. I love china and pottery, too. What pretty table settings these are.

    5. I like that setting, except for one thing. Where would I put my elbows?

    6. I remember your dishes - so enjoyed them.


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