July 22, 2015

A Country Sedan

1957 Ford Country Sedan Wagon.

This station wagon came with a full set of this picnic ware.  The family bought the wagon new, and they have been acquiring more of the picnic things ever since.  They said that they had just been given a cooler that was much better than the one they had.  I was fascinated by the whole thing.  George reminded me that the 1997 Aztecs also came with a cooler and tent. 

Look at how perfect it is.

Remember those child seats?

  • Himself:  His new Windows 8.1 work computer ate it yesterday.  He spent much of the evening hooking up his old work computer mourning the fact that he cleard the HD on both Win 7 computers of all his work stuff.
  • Herself:  The boss called yesterday to let me know they had moved all my books.  I hope there is enough light for folks to read the titles.
  • Reading:  Jance again.  The number 3 JP Beaumont book.
  • Gratitudes:  That G hadn’t turned in his old computer yet.  That when my cuz tom collapsed yesterday, he had a nurse in the house.  That I made a new friend yesterday.


    1. Got all excited when I saw your pictures. We had a wagon like this before we had any kids. Since Hubbie was short we could actually sleep in the back end and we car camped in it two weeks before our eldest was born. Loved that car, we never should have sold it. ;-)

    2. So very cool! I am back from Portland now. Need to get together.

    3. I don't recall car dealers making these things available with purchases these days.

    4. A time with cars that I never knew. We were poor and didn't see stuff like this. I am so sorry for your hubby's PC fail. What a bad deal!! I am still trying to adjust to this new laptop and looking forward to Windows 10 free upgrade although I have been told I am crazy.

    5. That's very cool. Station wagons don't exist any more although certain SUV styles come pretty close.

    6. The 1957 Ford was one of their best years for cool cars.

    7. I've always loved station wagons. That's why I have a Forester now. there are some other station wagons out there, too.


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