July 20, 2015

Another Opening, Another Show

Amish quilt in electric colors hanging at the Mingei Museum.  2015.

Great rolls of Thor’s hammer filled the air yesterday morning.  Shutting all the doors and windows in a massive rush, I just got the house closed before water began to fall from the sky by the bucketful’s.  A midday New Orleans kind of rain. 

We were scheduled to see “Kiss me Kate” in the Park yesterday afternoon at two.  The Pride Parade and Festival filled the west side of Balboa Park.  The Organ Pavilion was filled by a fancy fund raiser, there was a wedding there too, a Quinceanera, and there was a matinee at the theater.  I was sure the parking on the east side would be full despite G’s disclaimers. 

“We can park behind the museum.  I can drop you off.”  That sort of thing.

There is valet parking at a reasonable cost, and he finally looked it up.  We used it too.

I opened the door to step out just as the heavens opened up again…and dropped my coat then stepped on it.  We each brought our own umbrella which I opened with enthusiasm while picking up my now soaking coat.  Lunch was just a few feet away…a soup and salad with a light desert for both of us.  Just perfect.

Still pouring, we waded over to the Mingei museum to see their show of folk artists…if you can call a quilt that kind of art.  Then only a little early, we literally dodged rivers to cross the street to the Old Globe where they opened early to let us drenched patrons in.  Lovely stuff those old favorite Cole Porter Songs.  I was surprised that I could remember so many of the lyrics.  Trying very hard not to hum along, I had a great time.  G liked it….”It was fun,” he told me.

We made it home just in time to watch the sun come out. 

  • Himself:  The poor guy was wet through yesterday.  Today he is quietly at his computer playing with pictures and dry.
  • Herself:  What wonderful fun we had yesterday despite the rain and at the very end, the camera giving us the black screen of death.
  • Reading:  Nothing at the moment.
  • Gratitudes:  For the whole day yesterday: Rain, lunch, theater, music, a quiet dinner, a solid night’s sleep.

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    1. I missed the big storm by being in Portland! Dang!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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