July 15, 2015

Comic Con Photos: 2

I must confess.  Most of my shots have been Photoshopped.  All  these wonderful Comic Con Images are so crowded and filled with people, places, and stuff, that sometimes you can’t find the picture in the information.  In this picture, I removed all the information on the plaster above their heads. 

I didn’t alter a thing in this picture.  The man on the right is a person I do not know, but the two center people I can recognize.  Spider man adapted…true ingenuity if he really had to use the walker, or the height of imagination if he did not.  Both G and I laughed.

He had the mannerisms and the voice.  You couldn’t see him for the mass of humanity behind him.  I darkened the background.

These two Medieval denizens of a magical brigade should have had the sign over their heads removed.  Shame on me.  I didn’t take it out.

This was one of the most ingenious costumes at the convention.  She was the one and only Pinocchio, and she left everyone with a smile.

As we were leaving Friday, my eye was caught by these teenagers.  Even the dog is in costume.  The cup isn’t.  I should have taken it out.

Lastly, here is the staff of the “Freebie Table.”  They truly are a hard working bunch of folks.  Thousands of little pieces of paper have to be kept in order, very OCDish, and not approved things are to be kept off the tables.  The man in the brown hat started it all.  On this one, all I did was crop the picture.

  • Himself:  His calf is feeling better.  I think he enjoyed Costco….all but the high price for the small box of stuff.
  • Herself:  Book day today….I always like playing with the books.
  • Reading:  Only two of the Brady mysteries left now.
  • Gratitudes:  Returned all my calls and emails.  I’ve gotten very reclusive these last few years, and it is very good to climb out of my shell.


    1. I photoshop almost everything and do not think that is a reflection on my photography or honesty. If someone asks I explain whether it was a major change or something normal.

    2. Wow! I especially love the Johnny Depp pirate and the Pinocchio. PhotoShop is our friend.

    3. Captain Jack is marvelous! Using Photoshop allows you the flexibility of a painter with your photos.

    4. I've got to admit you get excellent results with Photoshop.

    5. Geezer Spiderman wearing depends was funny.


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