July 31, 2015

ET Phone Home

G and M at Mission San Juan Capistrano.

I am dingy, and sometimes I am more than a little dingy, forgetful, and fuzzy.  Last night after Chi Gong and dinner, we made a speedy run at JCPenneys for pants.  Last night I was forgetful.

I brought my wallet and keys to the store, but seeing no need for them put them in the truck glove box.

He took the truck to the gym this morning.  It isn't his place to remember things for me.

I’m already to go to the pool and am having one of those certain moments.  I sure am certain that my keys and wallet are in the truck.  I think I will call the gym and leave a message for him so he doesn’t worry…. “ET, phone home,” I’ll say.

  • Himself:  Spent the day putting out fires at work.  Chinese for dinner and shopping afterwards.  This morning, after waiting for me at the gym, he did remember.
  • Herself:  Found one pair of capris….that enlarges my wardrobe to two.
  • Reading:  Jance….yes, I am working my way through them all.
  • Gratitudes:  Chi Gong class.  It was wonderfully freeing.


    1. Just checking out my wardrobe. I've got two pairs of mom jeans.

    2. I take Qigong too and love it. We always have Qigong and then Tai chi. It helps with flexibility. I am probably the most forgetful person around. I love the ET phone home.

    3. You belong to a large club. I went to the doctor this morning got to the front door on time but couldn't remember who it was I was supposed to see. Had to look it up on the magic phone.

    4. We are having more of those days as well. Egad!

    5. The class sounds good - gonna look for one here. I try very hard to organize my mind so that I am not forgetful. Well, I guess I am forgetful but I plan my way around it. Mostly. Here's the update you requested - mostly quiet. That's good!


    6. I would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.

    7. You better hang onto him!

    8. I feel quite proud about keys. I've whittled them down to 2. Alastair carried all the house keys with him all the time - about 20.


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