July 23, 2015

Food Stuffs

Steampunk one of a kindness.

Finally my brain opened a little, and I have been able to work on that sail training piece.  For the longest time I was stuck.  Duh…the moment I viewed it from a personal angle rather than a technical one, the words began to flow.  At least I will be able to illustrate it with my own pictures.

My focus today will be radishes, lettuces, cucumber, tomatoes, and perhaps a little cabbage for a salad tonight.  I’m also making a nice potatoe salad for the Automotive Museum, docent-get-together on Saturday.  Red potatoes, red onion, celery sliced on an angle, and a honey-mustard dressing.  I found it in a briefly published Von’s magazine.  Really tasty.

  • Himself:  Very happy using his old computer.  Very.  He’s of especially good value today.
  • Herself:  Starting that Tai Chi/Chi Gong class at the Y this afternoon.  Survived the move of my bookcases at work.
  • Reading:  Burn’s “The Civil War.”  “Eat This/Not That.”
  • Gratitudes:  Seeing George at the pool this morning.


    1. Love it when the pieces come together and movement happens on a project. Sounds like a good day.

    2. Great photo. Nice and grungy. I need to use my baked potato in the fridge...so maybe tomorrow a little potato side salad with an egg and some veggies. Tonight we eat out. Spent most of the day on the boat in the sun...too tired to cook.

    3. he is a good steam punk Vader.

    4. Mainline historians pooh-poohed Burns (probably because he was kind to Southerners), but I liked his Civil War series. BTW, not all early settlers in the Americas were rapists, etc. as your friend suggested in her FB post yesterday. A terrible thing to say.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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