July 18, 2015

George's Steampunk Details

The steampunk workman is getting new batteries for his camera.

The words “Steampunk Meetup” were totally foreign when I started Cosplay…another foreign words.  It just means that a bunch of folks meet and get photographed on the Mezzanine steps each year.  Cosplay…costuming play, the best of make believe in any world.

Here’s a few shots of George in Costume this year.  And here’s a link to the next Facebook album.

His workbelt that had a wooden hammer through beautifully made wood and brass ruler, and his deco cufflinks.

The topee with the new light weight head lamp that actually works.

  • Himself:  Pouring rain and massive thunder and lightening.  Rain.  Worked on his pictures when it was all over.  Lunch in park, and matinee of “Kiss Me Kate” at the Globe.
  • Herself:  Ditto.  LOL
  • Reading:  Another Jance.
  • Gratitudes:  I was walking down the stairs last night and found myself delighted by the colors, and the light coming through the stained glass window.  Left me in a glow too.


    1. Sounds like a fine time! Love the little details and I will certainly be looking at the small things I see in second hand stores and yard sales with a different eye.

    2. I need more light weight goodies for my tool belt.

    3. I love light through stained glass.

    4. What are his medals for? He sure has a lot. Are they for military service? God Bless.

    5. I'd love a tool belt like that but know I would end up dropping them on my tootsies


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