July 20, 2015

Hot Fins

1961 Cadillac 60 Special Sedan, Fontana Rose color, interior original, 3 owner, original price: $6,233, and it got 14 MPG highway with 12 MPG city streets.

“Oh, but what a 12 MPG it was,” George said laughing.

Thursday night, why that non-traditional opening night I don’t know, we went to the Automotive Museum’s newest opening.  Post WWII cars.  Yes, we had fun, yes, too, the food was pretty good.  The cars were spectacular…if you like finned monsters.  We do.

Friday was a no rain day, but hot, humid, wet days followed.  Work was air conditioned, and finally G turned the house AC on to cool us down a bit when the world turned 90 degrees and 100% humidity.  Saturday at six, Thor tossed his hammer around, and I levitated up rapidly.  You would have laughed at me. 

Sunday was lunch at the Prado and “Kiss Me Kate” in the middle of more downpour.  It was delightful tho the leading lady was a little shrill.  This morning after the pool, I took all of our good clothes to the cleaners.  We have been social, and even more social this last week.  Today it’s back to reality with work for the Great Geezer and a Doctor’s appointment for me. 

Boy it was a great 12 MPG.

  • Himself:  Working on subrogating wrecks.
  • Herself:  Loved finding Mike C, one of my childhood nextdoor neighbors with new to me wife and kids at “Kate.”  Mistakenly deleted the last entry and so lost the notes.  Mea Culpa.
  • Reading:  MacNeal’s, “The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent.”
  • Gratitudes:  The pool was a great temperature this morning.


    1. We had one of those Jeep monsters that got 10 miles to the gallon.
      Sounds like you are enjoying life. I hope that the current rains will help fill up some reservoirs and aquifers, although it sure must seem strange to have tropical rains in California in the middle of summer!

    2. I am not a car fan, but those photos are lovely and I think I would enjoy seeing them if your husband was along to fill in the bits and pieces of history and fun. I can so understand Thor. He has pulled me out of bed in the middle of the night with his crazy anger.

    3. Never wanted a car with fins, but they are sure pretty to look at with a nostalgic eye.

      We too had lots of lightening and thunder here on Saturday night. Got a third of an inch of rain which sure is helping all of the yards around here.

    4. Those were the days, my friend ...

    5. I wouldn't know what hat subroutine was if George hadn't explained it to Richard. Gas was 29 cents when cars went 12 miles per gallon. I could fill my Volkswagon for a dollar or two.

    6. Sub rotating.... Darn spellcheck

    7. That takes me back! I learned to drive in a big chunk of a Buick, no power steering, no power brakes, no accidents, talk about the luck of the Irish.


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