July 1, 2015

Rain Diamonds

From the County Fair: A simple yet colorful quilt.

The weather is backwards here.  It’s blowing up from Mexico and through Arizona before it gets to us.  This hot humid rain is all anyone can talk about. 

I forgot two errands yesterday, so out I went into the darkening world.  By the time I made it to the new Post Office, it began sprinkling.  By the time I made it home, the skies were black and I could actually see lightening.  At home with a book in my hand, the room grew as black echoing the clouds. 

It was a strange thing to turn lights on midday.  It was stranger still to have a pouring rain hit the wrong side of the house while the other sides were still dry.  I didn’t bring my camera downstairs.  When the water turned to white diamonds on the window behind the red flowers, all I could do was watch mesmerized by the image.

  • Himself:  He had fun at Costco last night.  Home he cut up a standing rib roast into steaks.  No more Speedo’s at Costco either.  Today gym and work.
  • Herself:  Bought a book on San Diego Lighthouses at Costco.  Dinner was one slice of pizza.  Today pool, and PT.  My shoulder is finally beginning to heal.  Work: Books.
  • Reading:  Cadell: Six Impossible Things.  The last of a trilogy where the first one was good, the second not ok, and this one has started out OK.
  • Gratitudes:  How much better I feel.


    1. Your rain diamonds sound sparkling, Mage. I could just imagine it. We could use some rain here in Hawaii, but then again, it might just add to the stifling humidity. It not scheduled to let up until next week. Arrrghhh!

    2. Ah, you are having our weather. Tropical storms and diamonds. We have not had to water anything for a month! But it is hot and humid and just standing outside I have perspiration running down my nose!


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