July 17, 2015

The First Album

The Costumes of Comic Con is the first of the Facebook albums I’m putting together from our weekend in another land.  The best from just Friday.  Many of them I like a lot and hope you do too.  Another album maybe tomorrow.

  • Himself:  Used the hot tub yesterday morning, worked hard all day, and hauled me off to a wonderful show of post WWII cars in Balboa Park./

  • Herself:  Pool, made album, took G’s refabbed 1930’s Sunbeam Mixmaster in for the Vintage Sale, worked, and went to show.

  • Reading:  The last Brady by Jance.

  • Gratitudes:  Can get in to some old pants.  That brought a smile to my face.


    1. I'm enjoying these photos a lot. The costumes are so clever.

    2. these two are a sort of steampunk.

    3. The fact that we all want to sometimes disappear into another character is so true. They do it while I sit home wishing I could.

    4. Looks like such fun. Some fantastic imaginations there.

    5. I wonder if it's possible to link an FB album here? I've never tried, but I should sometime.

    6. I had to redo that link, but it now takes you to that Facebook album. :)

    7. Good for you with the pants. All I were is old pants...


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