July 27, 2015

Tone Poems and other Busies

We’ve been being busy and having fun.  I photographed these 1960’s classics at work Friday.  Friday night we went shopping at Tar-Jay…in G’s family shopping is the panacea for all ills.  I found a plate hanger for the new blue and white plate.  Yes, a cupboard door in the kitchen broke the last one.  G found the stuff to clean the detritus off the dishwasher innards.  Perfect kinds of finds for us. 

Yes, we came home and loaded the acid into the dishwasher while the plate was being hung.

Saturday we saw, “Mr. Holmes.”  It’s a beautiful tone poem about a final case.  Sometimes things are so perfect they need no introduction.

  • Himself:  Quietly at work again.
  • Herself:  Will run and pick up a watermelon pitcher for the Captain.
  • Reading:  Back working my way through a Jance.
  • Gratitudes:  Sunshine, cool breezes, perfect pool water.


    1. I would probably buy half the stuff in your shop...none of which I needed, but because it would bring back memories.

    2. Hope "Mr. Holmes" makes it to our outpost in Walla Walla. That shop looks like a dangerous place to me ;-)

    3. Going to see Holmes on Wednesday with the park movie troopers.

    4. That is a really awesome pitcher and glasses set. The color is so unusual.

      Acid in the dishwasher?

      I hadn't even heard about Mr. Holmes. I must be really out of it. Well... I have been lately actually.


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