August 9, 2015

By the Bay

Today we have grey.  Yesterday started with a little grey but most of the day was a perfect California day…sunny and in the mid-seventies, (22.7 C)  Lately the changing weather patterns have left us sweltering in unexpected humidity.  My friend Marion B hated the hot dry days.  She’s the only one I know that would enjoy this sticky heat we are having.

Grumpy stays home these sticky days.  We got him at fire sale prices, and we didn’t really pay attention to the fact he didn’t have AC.  Perhaps we weren’t paying attention to much of anything when we bought him.  Our stated reason was so we could go visit our grandkids in Campo.  Backcountry Campo is a very hot place…often 90’s, usually more.

Today we were out in a far, far valley at an estate sale.  I got a different apron for my Comic Con costume and a real Mumu as a bathing suit cover up.  George got an armload of small stuffs he was very proud of.  Done shopping, we couldn’t flee the back country fast enough to reach the coolness of the bay this noon.

  • Himself:  All the kitchen stuff was priced too high for what he was willing to spend.  Even half off.
  • Herself:  Free until a 1730 business meeting.  I like free.
  • Reading:  Jance: Beaumont 12
  • Gratitudes: 
  • The color of the water up against the sky.


    1. Lovely peaceful boats just waiting. I love free days and now have a few to look forward to after a busy Monday.

    2. Excessive humidity is a killer -- metaphorically speaking.

    3. A lovely photo. We're a little cooler here and being up on the Arlington Ridge have a tiny breeze. Oh joy! Happy camper that's me. Found someone to help with yard work and my SIL replaced the roof on my garden shed and the roof on the back porch.

      Brother D came by yesterday to bless David who is facing surgery in September.

    4. Sounds like you got some great buys at the estate sale. What fun! We NEED AC in our car in Hawaii. We could not survive without it. It gets so HOT!


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