August 20, 2015

Cleaning House

Every once in a while, I go through the links on my blogs…a truncated list at Wordpress.  I’ve been to many blogs that have most of their links long gone.  I don’t want that.  Why?  It’s frustrating.  Then too, because I always have a faint hope that you all will enjoy my blog links as much as I do.

I know that there are thousands of worthy blogs out there.  I’m always discovering more each time I visit one of you.  My problem is that I don’t have time to go to all of them.  I’ve given you a small grouping of the many kinds of blogs I read. 

PEOPLE: I try and read as many of you as I have time for every day.   Often I made it to your pages only three days a week…and for that I apologize. 

WATERY BLOGS:  I get to the top few every day.  There’s some marvelous adventures here in all these links.

HISTORIES:  Try the “White House Museum” a floor by floor, room by room history of the White House in pictures.  The “Third Reich in Ruins” is not only a historical triumph, but it’s a wonderful compendium of architectural history.  Other sites are just as compelling.

FOOD FOR THE SOUL:  Oh, many of my favorite contemporary writers have blogs or links online.  I had a lot of trouble reading them the other day.  My fingers wanted to linger, my soul wanted to stay, to catch up.

FOODS FOR THE BODY:  Here I found one site that stopped making new entries.  I had to delete it.  I hate that.  I found a review of the pastry chef at my local Tender Green.  At  Not only does she tell us in detail about the exalted Cinnamon Rolls that George loves so much, but we get the recipe.  I also found wonderful moments on a long gone blog like the Craig Claiborne's cookbook list.  Imagine, I have only about half of them.

If you find yourself tucked inside on a horribly hot day, take a moment to check some of these pages out.  You can join me and gain weight on the fifties page, or follow link after link on submarine pages.  The internet is a fascinating place offering bits of learning, news, and links to new worlds everywhere no matter who you are.

  • Himself:  This week working in Audit.

  • Herself:  Few books.  I need to tell the universe that we need books again.

  • Reading:  JA Jance’s Beaumont Series:  Only three more to go and I have ordered them from ABE Boos = free shipping.

  • Gratitudes:  The color of the bedroom ceiling.  The cool, grey  coastal fogs today.  The friends at the pool.


    1. It is really impossible to read all the blogs you might want to check on, so I do understand. Check out my Food for the Soul on Wednesdays, and be sure to make a link with a story of your own. I'd love to read it!

    2. Three times a week? I attempt once a week to visit everyone, and sometimes do not leave a comment. But I still keep them on my list and hate to delete the old buddies that have drifted off or passed on.

    3. You really do great justice to your blog list. I use blogs almost entirely for personal blogs, but I do follow some others that I don't really considers blogs as such.

    4. I go through the personal blogs on my sidebar twice a week but don't always comment. They are an excellent source of enlightenment on many topics. I like these bloggers and have even met some of them in person. Some are domestic, some artistic,some into techonology, some political, some humorous, or combinations of all these things and most have cats!
      I also follow Alicublog pretty regularly for my necessary dose of snark.

    5. I'll never get to those other blogs I fear. I'm on some device or other too much of the day.

    6. I've become an EIB -- erratic inconsistent blogger -- both in my writing and commenting, but I do enjoy maintaining contact with a variety of bloggers -- staying with some, finding occasional new ones. For me it's a matter of blogging for my pleasure and not feeling pressured or obligated to a schedule.

    7. The internet is a vast and wonderful thing. Of course there is not time to sample all of it, but the little tidbits are nourishing! Bonnie

    8. Oh my goodness! You are amazing, Mage. Your quilt that you're making is fabulous. We're with my son right now in Hershey and horribly jet lagged. Will be back soon. I'm tucking this comment way back because I don't want people to know I'm gone.


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