August 4, 2015


My childhood friend, Caroline, and I used to make skirts for our paper dolls out of hollyhock flowers.  It was fun and frivolous to play like this. I couldn’t have done it at home.  Now there are days like today when I feel frivolous just doing things I need to do.

I needed underwear…that important stuff that structures you under the outerwear.  I wandered over to Ross on this Senior day.  Imagine finding two pair of under pants from Jones of New York.  Microfiber too.  My friend Janey used to prefer plain, white, cotton underpants.  She would even argue with me about it.  Now that she is dead, I can say I think that foolish.  Even if you are forced to wear boring and utilitarian things on the outside, why not be a bit frivolous and adventuresome on the inside. 

Bra’s need to be comfortable as well as adventuresome.  What a terrible struggle I had today in the Ross dressing room getting them on over my heatwave sweat.  You would have laughed at me.  The label on a bra may say it’s the right size, but with my shoulders I couldn’t wiggle most of them around me nor reach in back to latch them.  Playtex may say it crosses the heart but not my heart.  Delta Burke’s idea of size isn’t mine.  Ya gotta have stretch may be a song, but not in most bra makers heads.

I came home with my hollyhock bra, an Olga. 

  • Himself:  Really having a good time today.
  • Herself:  Underwear amusements.
  • Reading:  Jance still.
  • Gratitudes: 
  • 2 pair of underpants and one bra.


    1. I found 3 pair of navy pants and 1 pair of khaki colored pants yesterday that fit my short broad bottom half. I was thrilled. I get no joy in shopping for bras as I must buy the very utilitarian variety if I want lift without rolls.

    2. I love Ross! Especially on Senior Tuesday! Last year, my granddaughter gave me underwear with sparkles. My daughter told me it was definitely her that chose it. I chuckle whenever I see it. As for bras, I really want one with NO underwire which is impossible to find at Ross. Sigh...

    3. Unfortunately for me I am not able to buy bras at Ross. Lane Bryant is my bra store especially when they have their buy two get two free sale. My girls are just too big for anything else. I buy cotton underwear there as well when it's on sale. I get pretty colors and designs. Last time I got a great deal only paid $1.50 a pair. When I broke my shoulder I told my doctor that my goal with PT was to be able to hook my bra from the back. Because of my injury I had to do the hook in front and swing around movement. Thankfully, I can now.

    4. When I broke my arm on board ship two lovely ladies whose mother was handicapped showed me how to put my bra on. And I still do it.
      Put it round your top half with the fastening at the front. Do not put your arms in the straps until it is fastened. Then swivel it round and Bob's your Aunt Fanny.

    5. I hate buying underwear...lace curtains for the sitting room mom called them. As for bras, I need new ones too, oh lordy!


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