August 16, 2015

Hot Stuff!

Inland, where daughter Margot lives, it’s up in the hundreds.  Here on the beach, the temperature is in the 90’s plus.  Yesterday, we all headed to the bay to take Granddaughter Zoe fishing off the Shelter Island Pier.  It  was almost cool when we got there.

They all went out on the pier and stood in the sun with their rods and bait.  I cheated.  I found a bench just off the pier, and there I read my book and sipped my water.  Every once in a while, I would dart into the daylight and take a picture or two.  Reminding them when it was lunch time again took me out onto the pier.  Four folks were fishing, and only Zoe caught fish.

They seemed to love the cool-me despite me. 

  • Himself:  Still working but now on the Audit Queue.  Had great fun fishing.  Today inside playing games.
  • Herself:  Inside mending.  Yes, that’s what I said.
  • Reading:  The new Reichs.
  • Gratitudes:  For the beautiful sunshine.  For the cool breezes.  For the Quieter Home Program that gave us AC.

    1. Fortunately for them, my son and his family who live in Penasquitos in San Diego county have AC. Still the boys are out most days with soccor and such and Mom is hauling them around in the blazing sun.

      They too got some fishing in somewhere up in the Mountains to the north where the other grandmother lives. I am told young Sean caught five Bluegills and a larger fish. Such fun, and Zoe looks like hot stuff in her blazing pink attire.

    2. Our weather hovering in the high 80's but we get the humidity. I have company this week and we spend our time walking from shade spot to shade spot. She caught fish because she knows how to dress!

    3. The air looks good there. It wasn't in Seattle. There are so many fires in the Northwest now.

    4. Clever girl!
      Our summer has a distinct feel of autumn - quite chilly!


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