August 26, 2015

More Quilt Thoughts

The Red Star Quilt.

We are so spoiled here.  The high heat combined with the humidity isn’t like us at all.  Warm and dry here….or hot and dry.  Air blown our way from the desert not summer storm air blown in from the gulf of Mexico.  Yesterday it rained too.  Amazing.

We are all hiding in any AC we can find.  If Grumpy comes home today, he can just sit in the garage.  We will drive him when the weather changes.  Yes, he’s still on his enforced vacation, and I am going with G to the gym really early…really.  This morning, I was running late.  At least I got all my PT done in the hot tub before leaving.

Today I’m the book lady tho I think we are lacking books.  Later I will lay out what I have found in the way of fabric….just enough for the back of a California King quilt, I think.  And I's time to research crows too. 


  1. You're in the pool and I'm in the swamp. Not really but it feels like it some days. Not talking about the weather, but the bog where we live. great you have george to motivate you to exercise. David would rather nap.

  2. The heat was torrid this time last week. This week, we're kind of bundling up. We are expecting another heat wave in a few days, however.

  3. I can remember summers hiding in AC and running from a hot parking lot to a cool office or building. This summer not so much and now the nights are in the 60's so it does not get hot until noon or later. I am so busy, as you know, with social activities, I barely notice.

  4. I'm sitting in front of a fan. I can't tolerate the a.c. any more. Lots of ice water helps,too. We have not one but two hurricanes coming at us and are counting on the usual wind shear conditions to protect us. I hope we're lucky.


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