August 3, 2015

Thanks for Donating.

I’m a volunteer who takes things personally.  That’s the bottom line.  I’m the Wednesday and, if I am lucky, the Friday, book lady at the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop here on the Point.  For the longest time, there have been few donations.  We are talking one shelf’s worth of priced books.  That’s all. 

I pass the word, “Please donate books.”  I tell everyone, “Please donate books as all the pennies we make go to research.”  I become a nuisance.  But I keep at it with everyone I know.  “We are out of books, please donate.”

Sometimes there’s delay after I say something and before a donation appears. 

This week there were so many donations that I worked an extra shift just to get them priced.  When I came in Wednesday, there was another whole shelf of books.

“Thank you all for donating.”  I’ll say that over and over too…but I am just a volunteer because I have had friends and family die of cancer.  Now what we need are more volunteers.  Please volunteer…if not for us, for a cause you believe in.

August 3: I’m really slow about buying things for myself.  I did see a really ugly linen shirt on Friday that I laughed at.  By Sunday afternoon, I thought we could stop in and get it.  We did, and I found a skirt…an ugly print thing.  Made me laugh too.  But a peek in at my newly cleaned book area made me cringe.  All those newly emptied shelves were filled once again as was the floor and chairs near the shelves.  Filled full. I’ll go in today for a couple of hours and see if I can improve things a bit.

I’ve put the word out now.  “You can stop donating books now.  Thank you.”

  • Himself:  Doing his own queue on Monday, playing games and house today.  Today lunch with Poolie.  Spring Round-up meeting tonight.
  • Herself:  Write, post, answer email, shower…Lunch with Poolie.  Tonight I go with George.
  • Reading:  Still Jance.  Beaumont now.
  • Gratitudes: 
  • The green of the trees against the grey of the night and morning fogs.


    1. There can certainly be worse problems than having too much in donations, right? Keeps you busy, I'm sure.

    2. Being a volunteer for a good cause is the icing on the cake at the end of our lives. We can be helping others.

    3. Apparently you have much influence.

    4. I've got luggage now that I'm donating to Big Brothers, Big Sisters. :- ) You are wonderful to work so hard for your organization, Mage.

    5. As my first husband used to say 'Carry on the good work.'!!!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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