August 11, 2015

Those Joyous Layers

I haven’t had this quilt out since the big house.  In this tall home, we have a tendency toward red, white, and blue.  There, this quilt fit fine.  Here, it never has.  Harriette took two of my drawings in exchange for this wonderful star sampler. 

I’m trying to clean out the corners of my house…of my life.  You know how that goes.  I needed the box that many of the quilts were stored in, so out they came.

It gives me a moment of joy every time I come into the living room from the kitchen now.  Harriette was a wonderful gift in my life, but sadly she and her friends weren’t very friendly as she neared death.  I regret that.  She died her way, and I don’t regret that.

I got to talk with Bobbie for a while this morning.  Bobbies dog is dying, and it wasn’t a very nice dog.  Still it was a good visit talking about her dog Lucy 2, about Michael, about life now.

“It wasn’t a nice dog while Michael was alive,” she told me.  “It changed.  It’s a nice dog now.  I changed too.”

We are all made up of layers.  Bobbie became a different person while she lived with Michael.  Now her Geoff layer is joyous and not always in control.  Music, and art, and theater, and other amazing things beat out control any old time.

This old quilt that lies over the back of my chair is made in layers.  There’s another quilt under these pieces.  I’ve never opened it up to see what it looks like, but I know there’s a joyous layer in there.  Someday I will peek in and see.

  • Himself:  Planning a Costco list.  Working hard.
  • Herself:  Sharing my life a bit now that I feel better.
  • Reading:  Jance: Beaumont 14.
  • Gratitudes:  Being able to lean back in the pool to watch the airplanes flow in and out of the clouds overhead.


    1. Oh yes... I also believe the events and people in our life create the layers that make us who we are now. We need all the layers (good and bad) to make the whole.

    2. Right, Kay. And I am working on tolerating the shortcomings of others as I tolerate my own.

    3. Nice use of the quilt for a good reflection today.

    4. You have such a cozy and welcoming home.

    5. Yes looking at clouds is wonderful. The second quilt is my favorite. I like red. Much brown and yellow at my house. I bought a yellow orchid today!

    6. Lovely quilt. Haven't looked recently at a few I have my mother made in her young days.

    7. I love those warm russety colours. Strange how things can give comfort and joy when sometime friends fail to do so.
      My new kitchen and curtains make me feel calm and strong.


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