August 6, 2015

Tid-bits, Orts, and Smalls

Naive quilt at the Mingei Museum

Sometimes our lives are made up of nothing but unconnected little bits with jerks in between.  Not that I mind this, but I really like those days that move smoothly from one thing to another instead.  Flow.

I did find a pair of blue sandals.  Bjorn’s…I prefer them.  My feet like them.  George didn’t find any Josef Seibel’s…he prefers those.  Did I say that I clearly remember the day I found a totally worn out pair of brown and beige Nike tennies in the free box.  My first pair of shoes in years.  Usually I went barefoot.  I thought they were great but my friends were embarrassed by the many ragged holes in the top.

I went to work wearing my new sandals yesterday.  They don’t grab my feet down by my toes, and when I turn the shoe stays put and my foot moves onward with me.  I fell again.  The last time I fell, off the stool, I was wearing the new brown Bjorn’s.  This time I didn’t hurt anything.  I’m not wearing either of those shoes to work again.

Another small annoyance.  Fender linings.  All vehicles have something inside their fenders….molded plastic.  “Keeps all the crap from moving up into the crevasses and rusting out the fenders,” G tells me. 

The truck went in to a prestigious dealership a couple of years ago, and when we got it back they had put a 4x4 fender lining in instead of ours.  (Ditto the radio antenna.)  When you turn the wheel hard over, it grinds into the fender lining.  Just recently the Toyota’s fender lining began making a familiar sound.  It’s got a missing screw.  Sometimes you have to laugh.

At last, meds were approved.  I don’t feel complete, just tired.

G’s company is fading out the Subrogation division.  He worries if they will be keeping him.  I remind him that they are giving him new software.  He still worries.  I worry about him.

  • Himself:  Both he and his brother are losing weight.
  • Herself:  Added almost one and a half an hour of exercise and two extra days of work this week.
  • Reading:  Jance, and a Bishop trilogy came from the library.
  • Gratitudes: 
  • The AC lets us both sleep really soundly.  ZZZzzzzz.  Bill at work says the same thing.


    1. worry, worry, worry
      fret, fret, fret

    2. Falling is not good, so don't do it! Hope all ends well for George.

    3. Sorry you have trouble with your about Clarks. I get these and they are immediately comfortable. Hope George is doing well. But take care, no falling!

    4. Poor George. It's no fun worrying. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him.

      I worry about falling. I know people say to be careful, but it usually happens when you're not even thinking about being careful or not. I'm glad you were OK this time. And I love my Bjorn shoes... although they did leak when I was caught in the rain.

    5. I have not had a nasty fall in months and try not to do that again! Those shoes get thrown out and get yourself a pair of good lightweight tennis shoes. I have not done any exercise unless you count rarely being able to sit for any length of time. Tell George that worry is not going to help no matter what happens. Focus on each day! Also, he might surreptitiously look for jobs elsewhere just in case.

    6. In these days of uncertainty...... I feel for George.

    7. Wow, things seem complicated to me once I get to the Mainland. In Seattle today we went to the movies with the kids, and the parking, the huge multiplex, the COST, having our bags searched before we went in...just to see a movie! Life is still simple in Hilo, and I hope it stays that way. I wonder how anyone expects people to want to go out and see and do things when it's so hard and expensive.
      And I am sorry to hear about the job insecurity. That is a very difficult thing to deal with, but it seems like everyone's situation these days.
      Take care.


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