September 23, 2015

50 Grapes

It was a wait morning.  Yes, Bobbie finally bought a dishwasher.  That was worth the morning wait to find out.  After lunch I headed for the store to find that big piece of red fabric….perfect for the back of the new quilt, was gone.  Darn. 

The fabric might have been gone, but the lady who brought in the lemons, pineapple, and pumpkins, brought in grapes yesterday.  Lots of grapes.  After I shot those, I wandered off to “Great Curves” only to find her packing to move.  That shouldn’t have been a shock but it was.  She will be saving a fortune in rent, but her new store is tiny.

  • Himself:  Feeling pretty good.  Doing Subro stuff today.  One of the Auditors is leaving, and the company is flapping their wings a bit.
  • Herself:  The Discovery shop homepage is still down for me, but I discovered I could post albums.  Boy did I post grapes.
  • Life:  Yogi is gone.  The pope is here.  Life is balanced
  • Reading:  Box short stories.
  • Gratitudes:  Stuck my thumb through the front of my swim suit.  Now I get to wear a new one.


    1. You andDavid and your ratty clothes... We got to thehospital and I discovered hisunderpantshad a big hole. He ripped they putting them on...and you? Yes, when you see something, it's good to buy it.

    2. Sorry you missed out on your fabric. My hubby says to buy things when I see them, as they won't be there when I return.

    3. One lady has all these amazing kitchenware? Or should I say diningware? They look terrific!


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