September 10, 2015

A Good Day

Peter standing in front of a marvelous Mid-century Modern melamine wall mural by Enrique Paulucci.  Media: Pencil, pastels, watercolors.

Each day can be a good day now.  I’ve never been good at acceptance, but I am vastly better these days than when I began falling apart.  I ranted and raved then.  Cried in frustration too.  Now days I try to find a new way to make the broken part work better.  What a different way of thinking.  

Lining the edges of his pool are life squares, not boats or rings, that will hold 12 people.  These are from the MS Augustus/MS Philippines, the mate to the Andrea Doria, only recently scrapped.

We did have a delightful weekend.  The visit at Peter’s was a wonderful gallery trip into the mid-century artistic thinking.  I’m passioonate about Paulucci.  I wish he was here not to tell me again where this or that came from. The paneling, the doors, the lights…which ship?  I share with you without location…and I will share more later.

Monday:  I roared around the ballpark with my walker.  Many other days I did too much of a good thing.  A rich slice of Farewell Cake at Bobbies good bye party at the store.  Desert plus at Peter’s.  Did I say Cracker Jack and M&M’s at the ballpark too.  Three cookies at work yesterday also…three Oreos.  Tomorrow I will be having a slice of cake from Vons.  A big slice.  Yes, I accept that I seem to be celebrating too much this year, and I am glad I’m beginning to celebrate my birthday again.  I still remember the 9/11 victims clearly, but I’m beginning to see beyond the horrors of the day.

A Glorious mural in the dining room surrounded by unique paneling from several ships.  A restored table and chairs.

On the patio is a binnacle and other pieces from bridges.  Two tall not yet recessed lights, unique first class chairs, and a semi-circular bench from the “Love Boat.  I think I have a picture of mother on that.   

  • Himself:  Working very hard.  Teasing me that he’s got something special happening for my birthday.  Still cranky about work and bouncing that off me a bit.
  • Herself:  Putting up with him.  Putting up with me forgetting everything…at least I didn’t have to walk back up the stairs today for my keys, wallet, purse, et al.  Going in after lunch and shooting a Chico’s event at work because I forgot to do that yesterday.
  • Reading:  A Balducci.  It’s kind of endlessly negative.
  • Gratitudes:  That I feel so good, and my hip is improving.  That I’ve gotten so much done this week.


    1. Fabulous photos, so much wonderful art in the world. Keep making those broken parts work better. You've been an inspiration to me. I can keep learning ways to get myself back into the world. Hug, Celia

    2. Glad you are doing well and have such a wonderful outlook. Very interesting collections of art.

    3. A marvelous nautical world of which I have no knowledge. To remember a piece of furniture on which your mother sat does give it even more meaning. The mural are a plastic?

    4. I always wondered where things like that ended up. Fascinating. Isn't it strange that wonderful days keep coming along?

    5. The trick is to keep moving even when you don't feel like it. I love the neoEgypitian wall mural.

    6. What a great patio. I'm assuming that this is where there is little dust and/or dirt? I cannot imagine keeping that clean. Our patio gets so dirty that I have just the minimum of furniture on it.

    7. Those are awesome murals. I'm so glad your hip is feeling better.


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