September 1, 2015

A New Month


Golden Rose

The nights are cool enough now that we can sleep with the windows open.  There was a wonderful cool breeze blowing in the doors as we headed to bed.  We both breathed a sigh of relief climbing under the covers.

He dreamed….vivid images all night long he told me.  I dreamed and still remember the images this afternoon.  An upcoming earthquake.  How we knew that, I don’t know, but I still remember the colors and textures of our move out from here to a cabin in the mountains.  One of those all night dreams.

I said, “It must have been something we ate.”  I told Bobbie a bit jokingly.

Bobbie said, “It couldn’t have been that…” not at all jokingly.

“But I still remember every FedEx flight as it came in to land,” I replied.  Only later did I remember the two helicopters moving up and down the coastline in the darkness.  Someone was lost out in the chill water…perhaps jumped off the pier.

Going from the indoor silence of the closed and air conditioned house to sleeping out in the world was a bit of a shock.  But it was the right temperature.

  • Himself:  Intent on fixing estimates.  Costco for dinner, he decreed.
  • Herself:  Consolidating my mountain of books and going through them:  To read, for Margot, to the store, et al.
  • Reading:  Nothing now.  Imagine that.  I’ll have something fresh when I finish sorting the pile.
  • Gratitudes:  A good visit to my PT guy this morning.  New stretches I can do by myself.  A nap this afternoon.  Window shopping tonight.  What more could one want.


    1. I'm glad to hear you are getting some relief from the heat. I finally had to give up and turn on the a.c. because I couldn't stand the humidity for another second. It's all the hurricanes making the air absolutely soggy. So far none of them have hit us. I'll be so glad when hurricane season is over!

    2. In Texas we have maybe a few nights where we can open the windows for the fresh air, as it is usually only air conditioning or maybe just a small heater. Glad you are getting relief, and get some sleep!

    3. There is nothing better than sleeping at night with the windows open. I was able to do that for a few nights a few weeks ago, but we are back to the 90 degree weather and higher humidity. Soon....

    4. Our jaunt today was to the new pub, Celtic House, here in our neighborhood. Owner from County Donegal in .ireland. David loved it because they had tennis on the big screen.

    5. Our windows have been open on most nights, but not last night.


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