September 24, 2015

A Rabbit and the Autobahn

We have grapes but few book donations at work.  It’s time to rotate books out, but I have nothing to replace them with. You would be very proud of me.  I didn’t buy any grape anything….perhaps I should have bought a lemon pitcher.  I did bring home a rabbit. 

“What are you going to do with that?”  Several coworkers asked. 

How can I tell them that it was the saddest bunny there.  “Oh, I am going to wash him and give him to a granddaughter,” I said.  He’s sitting on the sofa now.

I’m going to write about the history of the Autobahn.  I’ll tie all those other Nazi essays together with this last road story…..while the rabbit watches.

  • Himself:  Feeling really well after eating too much at the Brigantine last night.
  • Herself:  Did the water bootcamp this morning.  It was lots of fun.  Do an outline of the Autobahn essay then see how Windows 10 does on our antique laptop.
  • Reading:  The “Box” short stories.  Only a few left.  A good read.
  • Gratitudes:  That when I collapsed a few years ago, I had enough sense to go see the doctor.  Yes, I spent a week in the hospital and they took my driver’s license away.  I survived.  A man had a seizure in the gym this morning, and he refused to go to the doctor’s or be transported by the medics.  Both G and I are shaking our head about this.


    1. The items in your photo called to me, but I am working hard to suppress urges to buy things, and I am slowly, very slowly clearing closets and drawers of stuff I'll never wear or use again. Simplifying by paring down memorabilia is even harder and slower. I would rather be visiting Postcards!

    2. I don't see your rabbit, but all the grapeware looks so interesting. I love the color and fun of it.

    3. I find things like those pitchers and pots and little bowls almost irresistible, so I avoid going places where they might entice me into buying them. And where is the rabbit, by the way?


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