September 20, 2015

American Crafts

Friday G and I went to an opening at the Mingei Museum in our centeral park.  “Made in America, craft icons of the 50 states” was the title.  For the first time they served cookies…animal crackers which I love.  Another first was the huge variety of crafts that this show gifted us with.

Yes, the Chiluli glass was magic as were the many quilts.  Even the small printing press made from repurposed things held my attention for a while but I was drawn to the nail box.  For some reason, this simple nail box from Kansas seemed the most important thing of all…and standing next to me was the owner.  She believed the wood came from a near by barn that had collapsed…or perhaps a chicken coop.  It was worn so smooth in places.

Next to it was a cast iron pan.  This kind lady pointed out the rough sand marks from where her uncle had cast the pan.  She remembered her mother making fried chicken in it every Sunday….”But we don’t eat fried chicken any more,” she said.  We laughed.  She still uses the pan.

  • Himself:  A little pain under a rib.  He calls the doc back in a week.
  • Herself:  Less hives this morning.  I plan a quiet day.
  • Reading:  Finishing the Jance
  • Gratitudes:  The power of that blue sky against the green of the leaves.


    1. I think the box captivates me too, even from afar.

    2. There is something so beautifully old and magical about that box. Maybe it's the worn wood. You wonder what stories it could tell. I do love Chihuly glass.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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