September 18, 2015

Many Mansions

Hall A at the convention center was filled with many long halls filled with nooks like this.  If a company or vendor didn’t take a booth, the spaces were hung with three quilts each.  Yes, it took a long time to work up and down the many long isles. 

  • Himself:  He too was really ill yesterday.  Better today.
  • Herself:  Hives…even little red spots on the bottom of my feet.  Nausea…did I say I didn’t like allergies.  Did pool and work before I knew I was supposed to be quiet.
  • Reading:  The new Jance:  Too many protagonists for me.  I can’t focus.
  • Gratitudes:  Always, books.


    1. At the very end of Go Set a Watchmen and still not sure how I feel about it. A book for thinking. Now I want to read more about Harper Lee.

    2. Hoping for a big dollop of health to splat on you two.

    3. yes, we have had a reaction to this years flu shot. If the reaction is this bad, the current strain of flu must be really nasty.

    4. Thanks for sharing about the reaction to the flu shot. I had one too, knocked me flat within hours of getting it. Hope it's that strong in its preventive actions. :-)

    5. Those hives don't sound like much fun. I'm with Celia in wishing you better health conditions!
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