September 28, 2015


The Teapot Quilt: A small Challenge quilt.

Moments:  There was a little tiny house now a restaurant.  Uncomfortable seats, stickey tables, but real Italian waiters.  There was magically good food also.  I don’t need an entre now that I have met their beet salad.  Then again, the gelato was to die for, and if I have too many more desserts like that, I might die.

  • Himself:  Tried coffee and it didn’t work.  Most of the time he feels well tho.
  • Herself:  Bought three boxes of giant red Christmas balls at one estate sale.  Bought a goat at another…doesn’t every home need a carved wooden goat.  G bargained then down on an amber necklace.
  • Reading:  Dick Francis:  Finished #3 and starting on 5.  Can’t find 4.
  • Gratitudes:  The fogs of fall soften the world.


    1. That is one of the most beautiful quilts. Fine words for fall, my favorite season. Be well, skip the gelatos. You're more fun than dessert.

    2. That's a beautiful quilt.. love the design and the colours... so country English.

    3. Where is that restaurant??? Let's go!

    4. What a special quilt. I have a friend on FB that keeps posting the loveliest of quilts that she has made. Salad and dessert are just fine with me. I am currently reading four...maybe five books...I MUST STOP DOING THIS!

    5. I'm not a huge quilt fan, but I love that one.

    6. Oh Mage sticky tables are a bete noir with me - but if the food was that good I'd probably weaken:)


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