September 6, 2015

Sunday the 6th Orts and Snippets

  • The SAN SALVADOR Christening:  G got off work early Friday, and we hurried down to the bay front here, which is called the Embarcadero, and he actually managed to find a parking place only a few feet from the ferry BERKLEY.  We got front row seats on the Berkley’s upper deck just in time to see the ships from our view into the sun.  Sat next to Richard, on of the men who helped build the SAN SALVADOR.  Once all the ships were in, we were actually able to hear all the, thankfully short, speeches by a wide  assortment of political dignitaries.  After a plateful of tiny deserts, we headed for home.

  • While he was at the museum Saturday, I went off to La Jolla for a one hour writers gathering.  Following the GPS confused me twice, but I got there on time.  Using one of their prompts, I wrote for ten minutes producing two pretty good paragraphs that could become something.  Amazing, off the top of the head stuff.  Home easily without the GPS, I had time to dent my Baldacchi book, before a delicious “Tender Greens,” takeout salad on the bay….served on a tablecloth too.

    The PILGRIM backing in.  The smallest ship with the biggest flag.  

  • Today, Sunday: We are off to see Peter Knego’s latest finds from one of the last of the liners to be beached at Alang; Mother’s favorite ship, the ISLAND PRINCESS…the love boat.  She was the ship that started the cruise industry as we know it today.  Perhaps we can buy some small tid-bit from her…tho G is leaning toward the!ivernia-punkah-louvres/c1bbk>Punkah Levers  from the SS IVERNIA.  Here you can see Peter in a 2011 interview with>Cruising Authority – Peter Knego .  Or you can go to his page>

  • Monday a day game.  The Padres play the Rockies at 1310.  We can do that after a slow vacation style start. 
  • I’m not walking distances well at all so am taking my walker.

    Passenger deck detail of the BERKLEY.


    1. What a gorgeous passenger deck. Wow! Exciting you're writing things you like ;-}

    2. It must be nice to have a harbor nearby. Happy Labor Day.

    3. You have of attention getters where you live. Envious as all of ours a a bit of a drive!

    4. We had a busy social weekend. And a good time was had by all!

    5. We are going on a cruise soon, Australia and New Zealand. Can hardly wait!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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