September 22, 2015



Above: A group of challenge quilts all in the same colors.  Small but detailed.  The second from left caught my eye.  I was amazed to see that it was made up of all raw edge bits.  Quilted in yellows and reds.  It’s really well sewn, but I don’t think it will have a long life. 

  • Himself:  Asked for four days off but hasn’t gotten them.
  • Herself:  Therapist muttering about stenosis.  New stretches to do every two days.
  • Reading:  Finishing Box short stories and one of the books in David Baldacci’s Will Robie series.
  • Gratitudes:  …for so many friends at the pool.


    1. Hubby had stenosis and that followed with a serious surgery. Not something to everything she tells you and then some. Glad you showed that one quilt up close as I had no interest until I saw the details.

    2. What a wonderful exhibit of quilts and other crafts. All that's left of quilt's that my grandmother made are several Winnie the Pooh style bears and Christmas ornaments that my brother and I have. A gifted sister-in-law crafted those items from what Mother and I salvaged years ago. A rambunctious young canine had created havoc with those quilts hanging on our clothesline.Having those fabric memories is among my gratitudes of the day. I hope your "gratitudes" category is now a regular feature. Your list spreads joy.

    3. It's art, yes? I need help with these things.

    4. That's very creative and a different kind of quilt. One of my friends said their son went to Comic Con here in Hawaii and paid $100 to have a group photo taken with Stan Lee.


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