October 14, 2015

Changes in the Air


I must confess that I like a pretty, bright and colorful home.  As I begin on Bobbies quilt, I have lost the dining room and compressed the living room.  That’s what we get for buying a small condo….little room for adaptation or change for two busy adults.

So yesterday: Dining room table down to the garage…where in there I don’t know.  Chairs, down.  Footstool down.  Pull this over, push that out…and what do we have?  There’s room now for a collapsible drawing board bought from the thrift store strong enough to sew on too.  G’s table, which used to be mine, is to the left, and mine is to the right.  I compressed the two camel chests together under the window, and compressed a sofa and my big chair and the Morris Chair into an unwieldy mess in the living room area.  We need a chair for the worktables tho.

We will have to do something about all that later.

At least, I got all the books, the floor, and the art dusted before I created this massive upheaval.  It’s not a pretty mess but I am able to laugh about it.  And myself.

  • Himself:  Gym, work, dinner out last night at IKEA before Lowes to buy closet door rollers and a new kitchen faucet.
  • Herself:  Visited that drawing board for three days before I bought it.  Upset the boss, we both apologized, and I paid full price.  Eye doc tomorrow.
  • Reading:  A new to me Francis.

  • Gratitudes:  The drawing board.  It collapses so I won’t have to part with it.  Have a drawing board or drafting table is a top priority.  The days are cooling a tiny bit.  Blue sky and the ability to see it.

    1. Yes, I have been thinking about AlAnon again. Problem is it keeps me up past my bedtime. We have a great meeting here on Friday nights. I need it. One of my oldest granddaughters has a drinking problem and she visited the youngest granddaughter who is in her senior year at Tec and got her drunk. Joy doesn't drink and she ended up in the hospital on an IV with a concussion. Luckily, a medic was in the bar. How's that for a miracle?
      Another granddaughter who lives with her alcoholic sibling is pregnant by a guy she's known for two months, who happens to be related to the girlfriend (his aunt) of my alcoholic granddaughter. The good news is that he wants her to have the baby and says he will "take care of her". I guess it's good news. She will not have an abortion. She stopped smoking and drinking and is in the fellowship where her older sister needs to be. My AA brother was spotted in a Target, so we know he's alive. Damn this family disease. It's a soap opera.

      David is toughing it out on Tylenol. He won't take Hydrocodon, bless him.

    2. I'm back. Read your post and I want your folding drawing table. Please send...

    3. You have been successful in putting it all in one small space. As long as both of you can get around, than it is fine. I have space in my house here that we do not use and it just grow cobwebs. I think people should live in houses where every single room get some use.

    4. That should have been "then"...oh well, at least I read my reply and do not often do that.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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