October 26, 2015

Falling into Sunshine

Beaches on the far side of Catalina Island.

Fall is here in Southern California.  Few trees change color, but the land just seems to get browner while the nights give us great outdoors sleeping weather.  Most of the homes built here in the 1920’s and 1930’s not only have California Coolers in their kitchen, but they have sleeping porches.

We couldn’t sleep outdoors on Catalina Island, but we can now here at home.  We are unpacked and delighted with our mini vacation.  You should have heard two of us just-home-from-vacation friends in the pool this morning.  

“I ate deserts every night on our eleven day cruise,” a tiny lady told me with a giant laugh.

“Only four deserts for me,” I replied.  “But you should have seen my key lime pie wearing a mountain of whipped cream.”  I should have photographed that.

Fall is here with our travel forgetteries too.  We should pack to a list.  At least I remembered my hairbrush.  I always forget that.  G forgot the USB cable and ear phones so he could play quiet games on the computer and download pictures.  We forgot the sunscreen. 

I forgot the password for Great Curves.  Not only do I post images for the Discovery Shop on Facebook, but I post images on Great Curves too.  I did carefully download the latest pictures from my desktop to the laptop for both stores so I could work while we were gone.  No password; no Great Curves pictures for four days….darn.

We didn’t care….that was the best thing of all.  We got what we needed and had a wonderful four days in the sun.

Wrigley family new vinyards.

Catalina Airport roofs.

  • Himself:  Back to real life.  Work and meetings this Monday.
  • Herself:  Mundanities: Pool, meals, grocery shopping, reading….and I love it.
  • Reading:  Still reading the Dick Francis volumes.
  • Gratitudes:  For the peace on the island.


    1. Lovely break. I have to pack from a list or be surprised when I unpack.

    2. Isn't it lovely to not have to care. That is what I really like about my charitable work. If something doesn't get done, oh well, maybe next time.

      As for remembering to pack. For decades now I have kept a bag always packed with the things I use on a constant basis. When something wears out or gets used up, however, I must remember to refill the bag.

    3. Sounds heavenly. Fall has arrived here in Maryland as well and for a while there it was a lot warmer in SD than it was at my brother's in Georgia!! Our trees here in MD are all wearing their finery -- such gorgeous reds and golds.

      Catalina ISLAND is beautiful. We hope to get there sometime.

    4. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I suspect that everyone forgets something at one time or another. Some of us even forget to end our senten...

    5. It didn't matter that we forgot a few things. It was a relaxing 4 days.


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