October 15, 2015


  • Just as I was leaving work, I saw a wad of official cars across the street around two vehicles I know.  Then a tow truck pulled in….and I was appalled.  For I knew the lady who lived in the van and trailer.  She swam at the Y until something broke down on her truck or trailer…I think it was the trailer axle.  She couldn’t afford to fix it.  She wouldn’t move in to senior housing where they base the rent on your income either.  As they pulled away, she came rushing down the street with groceries in a cart.  They rounded the corner before she caught up, and she doubled over in abject misery right there in the center of the street.  I tried to catch up to her, but she vanished.

  • Eyes: They have been getting blurrier.  I knew I had an appointment with my Ophthalmologist, so I put off my worrying.  Successfully.  The signs of glaucoma aren’t there.  I have a higher pressure, hypertension, in both eyes, but because the eyes are thickened, the pressure is really lower and within the norm.  He ran four tests, and one said that my cataracts were now at the time to discuss surgery.  My vision is at the limit for the DMV, and I assured him that I drove to only a few places close to home.  We will see how it goes in 6 months, and evaluate if new lenses will make a difference.  The conservative approach first.

  • I’m off to take a nap.  Perhaps the stuff he used to dilate my eyes will have worn off in an hour of snoozing.  Though the rearrangement of the living room isn’t done, I am going to try out the drawing board. I’ll see if I can draw a proper murder of crows fpr the Bobbie Quilt.  Perhaps I will call it the Crow quilt.


    1. OMG! I am so sorry for her. How terrible.

    2. Ditto to Celia's comment.
      Maybe you'll see her again soon and be able to cheer her up again with some kind words.

      Best wishes with your eyes.

    3. Everyone has their troubles, but some troubles are greater than others.

    4. So sad when overwhelming problems come to people already in dire straights. We need to all be thankful for our blessings. Poor lady.

    5. Yes, I have that woman in my thoughts. I cannot imagine how awful that experience must have been for her! Surely someone related to her can plead her case? Most people that i know who have had cataract surgery are very please, so try to think positive thoughts.

    6. You might need new glasses in 6 months.

    7. And I know what a murder of crows looks like. Sounds interesting...your quilt.


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