October 31, 2015

It's Halloween

George has decided to celebrate Halloween this year. 

Now on the hall bookcase rests a giant bowl of candy.  Our favorite kinds.  Of course.  Sugary things were never my thing.  I drank.  I didn’t eat deserts.  Now candy calls me.  I can hear it calling no matter where I am in the house.  Even from the truck outside, I can hear it calling me.  It’s bad.  So far, I have resisted.

In the past few years, we haven’t had any trick or treaters.  This year we seem to have several families with kids move in our neighborhood.  Just a few blocks south, they bus the kids in.  One lady I swim with bought candy for 900 kids.  It’s a stretch of the imagination.

George has leapt on the Halloween bandwagon.  We now have a wreath. Ghost lights to frame the door, and a couple of luminaria to sit on the stairs.  He’s dug out his chicken hat, and he’s ready.  I’m just hoping he’ll be home in time from the museum to hand out candy.

Perhaps I will hide until he gets home.

  • Himself:  He’s feeling pretty good.  Test one showed nothing. Moving on.  He got actually cold in the night and added a quilt.
  • Herself:  The Quilt was moldy.  LOL
  • Reading:  Francis. 
  • Gratitudes:  That I can still see to read.  That G feels pretty good.


    1. 1. wash the quilt...mold is bad for you, esp. sleeping all night.
      2. you can resist that ugly sugar stuff...buy some apples and slice or carrots and slice.
      3. you will have fun with all the delightful costumes and hopefully you get some little ghosts.
      4. Monday take the candy into the shop!

    2. Have fun. I am going into hiding.

    3. What's up with George? Is he ok?

    4. at least we had a few trick or treaters to pass the candy out to.

    5. We had some candy in...Reese's for David and Ghiredella choclate for me. That will be it until Christmas.


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