October 12, 2015

Monday Tid Bits

  • It’s almost my youngest daughter’s birthday, (Photo taken in the 90’s), and I hope she gets her package ok.  Don’t all mother’s and grandmother’s fuss that way?  They overpack presents, send it off within their budget…not the fastest way at all, and A. hope they made a good choice, and B. hope it gets there in time.

  • G bought another computer yesterday.  Modern computers are all 64 bits, and run Windows 7 and above.  He wanted to run some old 32 bit games.  No matter the effort, he couldn’t get the newer systems to run his programs.  Craigslist had one.  After a couple of emails, off we went to get it in El Cajon.  It’s a tiny 32 bit Dell that once belonged to a school system.  When he got it home, he discovered to make it work he had to wipe the hard drive and install a 32 bit OS.  All that work.  He can now play old computer games happily down in the living room, and I have my eye on a drawing board at the store which looks sturdy enough to hold a sewing machine.  LOL

  • It’s hot here.  I know you don’t want to hear me whine, but the weather has changed.  Normally it’s in the 72F-ish this time of year…(22.2222C).  Nope.  We are to be 89F....31.6667C…at the beach, of all things.  A storm that came up from Baja last week has come around and is going to rain on us again.  The skies have gone from blue to dark grey.  95F at the store yesterday.  I’m being chicken and hiding at home in my cool and comfortable coop.

  • Cool foods this week.  Salads and light things.  I seem to be totally uninspired.  I’m far more inspired to eat out, but I think we used the last of the food coupons for dinner this weekend.  Maybe Grandma Maudie’s Tuna Salad for dinner.  Using chicken.  Maybe favorite old memories will inspire me to something new.

  • Gratitudes:  That we own a car with AC.  That I’m not homeless like the man in the pool who has only been sober one day….oh, what excuses he had.  That I’ve begun on the quilt.  That I have books to read.  That I have G.


    1. A happy post. I'm getting ready to buy an Apple desk top. I want to use my ergonomic keyboard again.

    2. Always grateful for AC. It is 91 here today.

    3. My goodness. He is certainly dedicated to those games.

    4. I am so sorry for your hot weather. Ours is now where yours should be. Still moving into long sleeves and turtle necks in the morning. Nice grateful list and most bloggers need to think about that list more often. As for computers our budget does allow me to be lazy and just get whatever is out there...but we both are too stupid to figure out why something does not work!

    5. Ah hardware. I miss my keyboard as well. It's warmer than normal here but not excessively, leaves everywhere after a big wind came through. Fires still smoking. Feels like fall though my favorite season.

    6. It's comfortable in Seattle, and I'm enjoying the break from the too hot and humid weather that Hawaii has been having for months. I have gotten accustomed to virtual keyboards, but I do not like them.

    7. I hope the package arrives in time. 3 more days.


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