October 30, 2015

Orts and Flame Outs and Rants

It’s the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I am glad I’ve been a bit more awake for it this year.

Forgive me if I say what I am thinking…though I appreciate Susan B Koman for making pink the color for Breast cancer efforts, I don’t think much of the Koman Race for the Cure.  There are many folks who couldn’t raise the $2,000.00 needed to walk in the race.  I really strongly feel that many walkers care but can’t raise that much.  It’s a great cause.  Then again, here in our town, the charities didn’t get the money.  I hope things have changed.

My mother had breast cancer on both sides.  My father’s mother had breast cancer.  My wonderful friend Jo died of breast cancer.  My fiercely independent friend Janey died of untreated breast cancer.  Two of those four women couldn’t have afforded to walk for the cure.

Today our store had pink bits and orts everywhere.  Those orts were a wonderful reminder of why The American Cancer Society’s Discovery Shop is there.  We give scarves, wigs, and hats.  We give rides to treatment.  All our income goes to research.  I go in and sort books or sort clothes for my local shop, and I’m grateful I can do this.  Maybe one or two books I sold raised money for a new treatment that will make a difference. 

Who knows, but there’s always hope.

  • Himself:  Hospital, and right to work.  Dinner was Chinese veggies with leftover pork.  Not bad.
  • Herself:  After the hospital, I went to a half day meeting.  Retraining stuff.  Training the whole staff to do all the jobs.  Took photos at Great Curves…which isn’t doing well after the move.
  • Reading:  Francis’s, “Whip Hand.”
  • Gratitudes:  Being able to give back.


    1. Good for you for your efforts. I've walked in these Koman walks before, but didn't have to pay that kind of price for it. We also do Relay for Life here in Texas.

    2. So the Great Curves has moved away from clients? Is that the issue or is it the actual building? Yes, it does seem rather mercenary and only for the high class folks. There are so many issues with charities that I am pretty careful when I donate.

    3. Good for you for doing what you can. My mother had it too.


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