October 28, 2015

The Fastness of Time

Time is going by too fast.  I make myself fit into my projects rather doggedly when I know I would be a better person if I relaxed.  Books get shelved, dishes done, the house picked up, and more book things dealt with. 

Food.  Those grilled pork chops were glorious.  The chunky apple sauce delightful.  I cheered myself on as I didn’t eat it all.  Today I am dusted out….covered with dust to which I am allergic.  Frozen something for dinner tonight.  Less imagination than last night’s delicious dinner.  The food is sitting well with my dear G, and that’s all that matters.

Time.  The appointment book fills and I smile at it.  Laka calls to tell me that she has eye surgery scheduled.  Wonderful news.  The 30th of next month.  She clearly lays it all out dollar by dollar and eye by eye.  No more night driving.  I don’t try to talk over her.  That’s such a great failing of mine.  Because I don’t, she calls.  

Progress despite time.

  • Himself:  Today: covering someone else’s queue.  Tomorrow: Ultrasound at 0730, he comes back home to work and I to a half a day meeting.
  • Herself:  Yesterday got the plants watered too.  Today: There were a lot of donations at work that I helped a bit with.  I did get the new books shelved.  I only brought one new one home.  LOL
  • Reading:  Sara Paretesky new one.
  • Gratitudes:  For being able to give back.


    1. You do keep busy. So much to do, so little time ... remaining.

    2. You are being Zen about your crowded calendar. Mine is so busy as well...at least three things a week and sometimes four, LOL. Mostly medical appointments to make sure I am healthy. Hubby on the other hand is beginning to get antzy as rainy weather and nothing to do drive him bananas. He always manages to find something, though.

    3. You are a good soul Mage. May you dust many more seasons!

    4. I love this post, Mage. It really speaks to me. I'll be preparing some barbecue tomorrow too and hope I don't overindulge. I wish there were more hours in a day.

    5. So true. I have several ongoing commitments each week and then there's stuff, always stuff. I admire your organizing skills, mine are lax :-)

    6. Thank you for the critique as I have not taken any classes and really should or at least get a book on writing poetry. I never thought about how the capitals break up the thought and you are correct...brave of you to say so.


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