October 5, 2015



Our big old TV is installed and working at Margot’s house.  New one installed here.  Slightly muzzy image….but BIG.  I’ve finished the first draft of the “Third Reich Autobahn” article.  I delivered Barb’s donated books to the store and need to go in and get them on the shelves. 

Done with my Physical Therapy at last.  I’ve arrived home with an armload of simple exercises I get to do for the rest of my years.  Official diagnosis is spinal stenosis, and an inter coastal muscle sprain that I picked up on Friday.  Arthritis.  We are not discussing my right thumb that’s bone on bone with bone spurs.  

Now I have said all that, I can go back to living. I’m mailing off receipts to Barb and Bobbie on my way to the store and feel so functional.

  • Himself:  Work, work, work.  Meeting.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Herself:  PT, write, Breakfast, lunch, dinner, meeting,
  • Reading:  Francis.  Just finished a Box.
  • Gratitudes:  Rain. 
  • Dramatic grey clouds and sprinkles.  Such a change from heat and hot.


    1. Hope you are doing well with the exercising. Rehab is a challenge. Sorry about the thumb!

    2. I too have spinal stenosis. Discovered when my fingers kept going numb. I too have a series of exercise that, as you wrote, must be done the rest of my life. The exercises work, though, so I don't mind.

    3. Rain! Happy dance for you!
      Isn't arthritis the pits? I have some, though living in Hawaii keeps it from getting worse. I notice that air conditioning aggravates the condition so avoid using a.c. unless it's absolutely necessary.

    4. So difficult to live with this spinal stenosis. Chest pains disappated this week after I took it easier and said a prayer. Both help my poor old body. Talking with my son about the possibility of flying out to SD next fall (2017).

      David lost a full bottle of his pain meds. Taking Tylenol now. He laid on the chaies this AM in the sun and is napping now but phone keeps ringing. Some idiot trying to fax something somwehre but it ends up here.....grrrrr.

    5. Next fall is 2016, I think. Losing it on this end?


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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