October 7, 2015

Windows 10...


…was a bad experience.  To take your computer from Windows 10 to where it was before you downloaded Windows 10:

1.     Create a system image before you install Windows 10.  BEFORE.  How?  There are numerous USB portable hard drives.  They will work as a backup drive.  How do you create a backup? 
2.     Go to Start.  Click on control panel.  Click on Backup and Restore.  In the upper left corner, click on create a System Image.  Follow the prompts, and pick the stand alone USB hard drive, click next.  It will take up to an hour or more to create a system image of the computer as it was at that moment. 
3.     To recover from Windows 10 after it is on your computer:  Do a restart.  While the screen is black, tap the F11 key. 
4.     The F11 key will give you options.  Pick the option to restore to factory settings.
5.     After it restores to factory settings and you are back to Windows 7, go to Start, Control Panel, and click on Recovery.
6.     Upper left corner: It says: Restore your files.  Next choice is select another backup to restore your files from.  Windows will detect the USB hard drive.  Pick that hard drive image, and click next.
7.     This restoration could take a few hours.  When it is done, you will be right back where you were before Windows 10.  All your programs and projects and photos will be there.

Windows 10 is Windows 8 with Windows 7 enhancements.  It’s slow, it’s not responsive, it doesn’t work with a lot of the programs out there.  Other bloggers report how difficult it is to get off your computer.

It’s not usable to those folks who won’t go out and buy all new programs.  I like my Adobe Photoshop.  I’m adjusted to my Office.  It took G all afternoon to get it off our HP laptop.  Poor guy.  Enough.


  1. Sorry this happened to you. I never thought about installing it since I knew I couldn't handle it. Bonnie

  2. I do not like or hate windows 10. I did lose my printer driver for a printer that had lasted me for years and is now a quiet piece of metal and plastic sitting on a shelf. I have not found any of my software packages not working, so am glad about that. I have been using it for a few months...so hoping the worst is over. My computer does seem to be running slower and maybe I should call Geek Squad and see if they can resolve that? It could be old age, too much stuff on it....or maybe Windows 10

  3. I found windows 10 to run really slow in comparison to 7 or 8. It is a slug. Our laptop did not like it.

  4. I'm pleased I use the APPLE System. I have had issues, but not as serious as those Windows folks have, apparently. Good luck. Nice shot of George working away.

  5. I have had no problems with Windows 10, but I wouldn't have updated if it wasn't free. Normally, I figure it's best to have a new computer to run a new OS. Thankfully, this update worked like a charm for me. For my wife on her laptop too. In fact everybody else that I know has had good results. Just don't h-get me started on the newest Lightroom update, though. :)

  6. I'm an Apple person. Recently upgraded to Yosemite which makes my 5 year old Mac Book Pro load a bit more slowly. Guess I may have to think about a new machine when it becomes necessary for me to upgrade to El Capitan OS.

    As for Windows 10, Terry has it on a virtual machine. I have no idea what that means as I don't do Windows or PCs.


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